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Jim's Jems - February Blog

25 Jan 2023 2:52 PM | Contact Us (Administrator)

Why are we in Skal?  Friendship, networking, business opportunities? Whatever the reason we have the choice of staying local or branching out.  We can enjoy a meal with our NJ Skalleagues in a lovely restaurant or with the Munich club at a biergarten, or with the Venice club on the side of the Grand Canal.  This is what Skal is about.  We are a global family of travel and tourism leaders who take care of business and take care of each other. 

I first caught the Skal “bug” at NAASC in Calgary in 2005 where I met members not only from the U.S., Canada and Mexico but also from Israel, France, Germany and Spain.  It totally changed my view of Skal.  It made me realize that Skal was going to play a major part in my life. 

On social media I see posts every day from members who are in Rome or Sydney or Capetown and I’ll ask them if they have reached out to the local club.  Most times they say no because they hadn’t thought of it.  Whether I traveled for business or pleasure I always look to see if there is a local club during my journey.  I’ve always been welcomed with open arms by members around the world.  Next time you travel find the name and contact for the president of that local club and you’ll see what I mean!

With that said we have a Skal World Congress in Kvarner, Croatia next month from October 13 – 18.  This will be the first world congress since 2019.  Skal NJ will be represented by yours truly along with Deborah Traussi, and past presidents Robert Lowell and Tim O’Neill.  I plan to contact all of our “Twin” clubs to celebrate our bond of friendship.  There will be members at the congress from Arkansas, Kerry, Mexico City, Garden Route S.A., Panama. Rome, and of course, Kvarner. 

Most of you won’t have a chance to go to a World Congress but you can go to a meeting with a regional club.  We’re in a unique position in that there are 6 clubs within reasonable driving distance from central New Jersey.  Most of you remember the great joint meetings we’ve had in Princeton with members from New York, Philadelphia, Albany, Long Island, Northeast Pa, and Central Pa.   We plan to announce all of the regional meetings so you can plan accordingly. 

So my message is get out there and mingle!  Broaden your horizons!  Skal is global and there’s a Skal member somewhere in the world waiting to greet you with open arms!!!

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